"Who Booked THIS Fiasco" by Floco Torres

(Click the photo for the Washington post coverage of the incident. Make sure you read the comments too..)

Lupe Fiasco being removed from stage at an “unofficial” inauguration party? Publicity stunt? Actual activism? Who actually booked this fiasco? (Pun intended) Type in Lupe Fiasco in the twitter search box and you’ll get this plus MORE when it comes to opinions on this subject. If you look closely, the internet at times has a way of making us smarter and dumber at the same time. (My buddy Chris Floore said something like this the other day)

As a Lupe fan, it seems to me that there are so many angles to this incident that it’s hard to be looked at objectively. First off, Lupe is no stranger to speaking out on his beliefs especially when it comes to politics and the president. Words I never said, American Terrorist, Little Weapon, the list could go on. He is heavily scrutinized for his opinions (and production choices for that matter) in ways that most never see that the point is to START the conversation. If you think about it, the definition of education is to “give intellectual & social instruction”.  It can be interpreted that through Lupe’s lyrics, he is giving you social instruction to do the research for yourself. So, the first angle here is…

Who booked Lupe Fiasco at this event? Some say it’s a record label publicity stunt and others feel that this was just an overlooked mistake. Either way, there should be a little more focus on how Lupe was allowed to be on a stage celebrating an event that he’s obviously shown he doesn’t support.

The next question you could ask is has Lupe gone too far? From lyrics in his songs to alleged alien encounters, I stated above that Lupe has no problem speaking his mind on what he feels. But this was not the time or place to do so. Or was it? He refused to move on from performing Words I never said for 30 minutes? I actually like that song but can understand that 30 minutes is overkill even if trying to prove a point. Be that as it may, Lupe has the same freedom of speech rights that we all SHOULD have. Which leads to my last question..

How should this situation have been handled if it could be done again? Clearly if you dig deep enough, you could find that rights may have been violated. So do you let this tirade continue for an hour or more? In the video clip that surfaced, you can hear the confusion/support for him from the audience, but it was nowhere near an uproar for his efforts.

I personally feel that Lupe had every right to behave the way he did and he showed that no matter the circumstance, he’s going to stick to his guns. In some eyes, that’s a true artist and we need more like them. What he did once again was start the conversation. For those that don’t know Lupe, now they wonder why he did this. What’s his problem with the president? What’s his background? Maybe I agree with what he’s saying, let me look deeper. At one point, that’s what music expression (especially in Hip-Hop) was about. So I say we put ourselves in Mr. Fiasco’s shoes. Do you have the courage to stand up for your beliefs even if it means being ostracized by the public?

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Comment by Flecko on January 24, 2013 at 12:02pm

They should have never booked him but he's still in the wrong. I'm starting to feel like Lupe likes this sort of attention. years ago this would have been looked at as strong and being an activist. Now he's just crazy. times have changed


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